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Smart Network Integration by EProcess LLC

Smart Network Integration is a consultancy by EProcess LLC to design, configure and integrate smart network solutions on unified networks.

The Beginning

We were founded in 2001 to manage processes over networks.  Almost immediately, we were approached by a large oil company to provide digital CCTV to its convenience store chain.  At the time, it was a brand new industry.

Digital CCTV and Manufacturing Servers

As our CCTV business exploded, we began manufacturing our own servers.  Over the 19 years that we have been in business, we have built thousands of machines for many types of disciplines. Many of these servers are still operating after up to 14 years.

As of today, we have integrated over 1000 CCTV systems all over the country.  Those systems have monitored company processes and recorded every type of physical crime imaginable.

Custom Servers

Beyond CCTV Servers

Introducing Megapixel Camera Solutions

As time passed, our specialty became megapixel cameras to capture faces, license plates, vehicle ID, cash handling, public spaces, secured locations and any number of other instances.  Of course, we were cutting edge on video quality, storage, and network management, too.

Faces – Cash Registers

Vehicles – License Plates

Large Areas – Communities

Birth of Unified Networks, Smart Business and Smart Homes

As technology advanced, we became exceptionally good network buildersMegapixel cameras needed stable, consistent power and vast amounts of bandwidth and storage.  Plus, they usually had to operate outside of existing networks.  Needless to say, CCTV networks for megapixel cameras and recording had to be the best in the building and had to handle vast amounts of bandwidth in the process.

One day, a client approached us about designing a single network that would carry all of his network functionality.  His stance was that ours was by far the most demanding and highest performing in his building, and we should be able to handle everything else easily.  That started us on the road to building high performing, secure, managed networks that unified and distinguished business functionality and objectives.

At the time of the client’s request, he had 3 internet services inside the building.  One was dedicated to Point of Sale, one to his office functionality and one to CCTV.  To do anything, one would have to move around the building to gain access to the desired network.  To run Point of Sale reports, one went downstairs.  To print, one went upstairs.  It was not efficient.

On top of handling his office, CCTV and Point of Sale, he wanted to integrate new networks.  These networks included guest, entertainment, communication services through email server and VoIP, and security to handle access control and smart building functions.

When we finished, he had a robust system with 2 internet services providing over a gigabit of broadband to all corners of the building.  His CCTV system performed better, his Point of Sale performed spectacularly, his guest WiFi was efficient and all of the new functionality performed effortlessly.  Over the years, he has missed all of the hacking and network outages that other businesses and homes located around his building have suffered.  Smart Network Integration was born.

Moving Our Process Management to Our Private Cloud

Communication is such a vital part of any business, and we moved to host our own functionality early in our operation.  Clearly, we needed a more comprehensive strategy for managing a national business.

In 2003, we sought ownership of all data and information.  We needed to operate nationally, and it had to be secure. These are the standards we set.

Privately Owned and Secure Email Cloud Server

A random celebrity could save any extraordinarily personal picture that paparazzi might want to see and only authorized people would manage to get to it.  The standard has worked well for those of our clients who desire private, owned communication that is not queried by email service providers or shared with those who can access cloud service we all believe to be secure.

Process Management on Cloud Server

Everybody should be able to work on shared documents without emailing multiple versions of the document between people.

We should be able to handle documents for installation and taxes easily and effortlessly for those who should have access and block everybody else.


One should be able to use the phone system regardless of location

Thwarting Hackers

We have had a lot of experience with criminals, but one of the most jolting experiences for us was when Chinese hackers landed on our email server.  This has been the one and only time our internal systems have been hacked, and it pushed us to dramatically change how we approached securing servers.  Much like building security, we focused on controlling access and discouraging intruders. Our servers were saved. 

We began by identifying every single interest a hacker might have in attacking a server.  Hackers do not bother with systems they cannot leverage for the reasons that hackers hack. For example, currency miners like graphic cards.  Identity thieves seek personal information, such as credit card credentials.  Some hackers like hard drives for proxy fights. 

A recent security issue has been currency miners hitting old CCTV systems and gaming servers to mine cryptocurrencies.  Our network clients have not been affected at all.  Other clients have had us work with their networkers to block miners and maintain the integrity of their networks.  Finally, other clients rejected our suggestions to defend the old CCTV networks, and those machines did not make it out alive.  It has been an insightful experience for all.

Securing Spaces with Access Control

One cannot integrate over 1000 CCTV systems and not think about building securityLighting and door access are our big go-to’s.  For door access, we use both tags and biometrics.  We aim to let only those people who should gain access in and to keep those who do not belong out. 

Positioning Systems

One day, we were in a Chicago hotel client, completing the installation of a firewall and maintaining the CCTV systems. The manager asked us about the City of Chicago’s new hotel housekeeper panic button law and sought our help in designing a solution that would comply with the ordinance. It was pressing because the hotel had been notified that it would be inspected to determine whether the hotel complied with the ordinance. Smart Network Integration Hotel Housekeeper Panic Button Solution passed with flying colors.

One of the best parts of the request is that we were able to refine our IPS offering for people, equipment, documents, etc., inside of buildings. These are expensive solutions for hotels, but perfect for medical centers, warehouses, oil terminals and a host of other high-value offerings.

Construction Coordination

Our experience in digital CCTV has given us vast knowledge in coordinating technology requirements in newly constructed buildings.  These buildings have included downtown high-rises, national convenience store chains, fine-dining restaurants, hotels, car washes, museums and more… 

As we Process Managed projects across the US and Canada, we coordinated with Construction Managers.  We ensured that proper permitting, licensing, and insurance requirements were met.  We also translated technical requirements for other technology solutions, such as Point of Sale, VoIP, etc., for Construction Managers.  We often worked out requirements for conduit and Union Workers.

New Construction Managers are regularly surprised by how much we know about putting technology into new construction.

In all of these efforts, CCTV integration around the country has been the driving force for us to become experts.

Industries and Locations

EProcess LLC has designed and installed Smart Network Solutions all over the nation!

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