Hotel Housekeeper Panic Button

Hotel Housekeeper Panic Button

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Hotel Housekeeper Panic Button Video by Smart Network Integration

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One only has to turn on the News to understand why hotel owners are being pushed so hard to give hotel housekeepers panic buttons.  Conversely, action impacts ROI and adds cost to doing business. 

Cities and States On The Move

Our clients in Chicago asked us to design a solution within their budgets that would comply with the Chicago City Ordinance to provide panic buttons to hotel housekeepers and avoid fines associated with not complying with this law.  This solution is now being rolled out in Chicago, Illinois, New York City, New Jersey, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, California, Miami, Florida, and other places in between.

The Panic Button

Over the last 2 years, hotels in several major cities have been instituting solutions that comply with code.  Our solution endeavors to be site-specific, efficient and informative. It identifies the hotel, identity of the panic button, location of the housekeeper via GPS, and the status of the tag.  If the panic button is not moving, you know it.  If the panic button is low on power, you know it.  If the housekeeper is down the street, you know it.  If the housekeeper asks for help, you know it.

The Response

Once the panic button is triggered, the monitoring areas are notified and the system asks for a response.  The system hones into the panic button that is requesting help and tracks it, permitting those monitoring these tags to sort out how to approach the emergency.  Camera systems and Wi-Fi Access Points could also contribute enormous amounts of additional detail to locate a person in need.

Hotel Housekeeper Panic Button

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As the event unfolds, the system logs events and passes notifications through email to anybody else in the system that needs to know of the urgent event.  Logging will prove to be essential later. 


Investment in a solution and ROI are clearly important to investors.  So, we have endeavored to keep the total cost of the system under $59 per room for the average hotel.  This cost may be a little higher for boutique hotels with fewer rooms or lower for larger hotels with more rooms.  Yet, the cost is impacted by housekeepers, extra panic buttons, and the number of monitoring devices.  So, the balance between the investment in the solution and the investment per room is calculated per room.

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